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Polishing Barrel Model PB500E

Load the polishing barrel with wire nails 3 to 4 inches above the half size of the barrel Fix up Perforated Lid & Tumble it for about 20 Minutes this will remove chips from nails (if nails are rusty then first of first load nails and Mix a little quantity of paraffin oil (Half litter Kerosene) prior to loading of Saw Dust & Tumble for 10 Minutes) now after that add saw dust in remaining portion & fix up Blind lid & tumble for 30 minutes. Take out blind lid and fix up perforated lid to take out Saw Dust from the barrel by rotating. Continue this process again for about 40 minutes loading the barrel with fresh saw dust. This will result into bright shining look of Wire Nails. The Saw Dust used in second sequence can be re-used for the first cycle of the same process in next batch. This ensures economy of Saw Dust and solving the storage space.

If the mirror finish is required on the Nails, it is advisable to use SOFT LEATHER PIECES in second sequence of polishing instead of Saw Dust, 15 to 20 Kgs. of such LEATHER PIECES are required for out 250 Kgs. Capacity Polishing Barrel. These LEATHER PIECES can be applied again and again for about 15 to 20 cycles till they become very oily.

Techinical Specifications

Max Load 500 Kg.
Power Required H.P. 5