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Wire Nail Making Machine

The company is earnestly engaged in fabrication and designing of high end Wire Nail Making Machine in the international market. Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine is available in six models of Wire Nail Making Machines for complete range of wire nails from 6 m.m. to 150 m.m. nails. These wire nail making machines have advanced feeding system permits the use of large wire bundle and maintains close tolerance. By optimization of moving parts, their guide, bearing results into low vibration & enhance life. Harden ground wedge type die box is attached with these munchies for longer life and easy low cost refurbishing. Round indexable Gripping dies with Eleven Grooves enable eleven times longer life without any reprocessing. Consequently, we are reckoned as one of the reputed High Speed Wire Nail Making Machine Manufacturers in India.

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Nail Cutter Grinder

Pragati Industries is specialized in the manufacturing and supplying of high end Nail Cutter Grinder in the industry. Continuous working of cutter tools of the nail making machine make them blunt are require grinding and re- grinding. Our Cutter Grinder Machine is specially designed to meet the requirement of the nail cutter grinding. The special type of jigs fixtures attached with our Automatic Nail Cutting Grinder make the task of re- sharpen the cutter tools an easy task even for the semi-skilled workers. Besides, we are reckoned as one of the prominent Nail Cutting Grinder Exporters from India.

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Polishing Barrel

We cater highly advanced Polishing Barrel in the national as well as international market. The Polishing Rifle Barrel made available by us is used for polishing wire nails. Our Nails Polishing Barrel is specially designed and fabricated for effective and speedy polishing of nails. These polishing barrels are manufactured from the optimal quality raw materials making them durable and corrosion resistant. They are easy to operate even by the semi skilled labors. In addition to this, we are counted among the foremost Horizontal Polishing Barrel Exporters in the country.

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